ZEALSOFT takes health and safety very seriously and is committed to achieving standards of health and safety in the workplace that exceed the legal requirements. 

As an employer, ZEALSOFT recognizes and accepts its health and safety responsibilities for all employees, contractors and other visitors as set out by the relevant legislation and therefore, as far as reasonably practicable, will:

  • provide a safe and healthy work environment at all times
  • provide and maintain machinery and equipment and systems of work that are safe and without risks to health
  • make arrangements to ensure safety and absence of health risks associated with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances
  • provide information, consultation, instruction, training and supervision to employees and visitors, in aspects of health and safety at work and
  • carry out regular assessments of the workplace, including risk identification, rectification and control.

It is a requirement that all employees and visitors co-operate with the company and take reasonable care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions. 

This duty of care includes

  • The duty to make themselves aware of, and to comply with, the safety instructions and directions laid down by the company and arrangements for health and safety displayed in each office
  • the duty to refrain from any action that may endanger themselves or others
  • the duty not to misuse or interfere with any facilities and equipment that have been provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare
  • the duty to conform to instructions given by fire marshals in the event of an emergency and to share the responsibility for ensuring that the working environment remains safe and hazard-free
  • the duty to report all potential hazards to their manager and
  • the duty to report any loss of or damage to equipment to their manager so that equipment may be replaced.

This health and safety policy statement will be revised and updated regularly to reflect any changes in requirements and will be maintained on this site.