Zealsoft Technology’s footprint spans 2 locations in India.

Global Connectivity 
ZEALSOFT looks at uninterrupted client connectivity as a vital component of its global delivery model. This is ensured by understanding the specific needs of each client or engagement, and is typically achieved through one of the following:

Our infrastructure management teams provide dedicated 24×7 support to ensure uninterrupted client connectivity and seamless engagement execution across locations.

Security Perimeter 
ZEALSOFT follows global best practices for data security. It has implemented a Multi-zone Firewall solution with the following features:

  • Multiple VPN Gateways with Central Management
  • Appliance Based Firewall Solution (oThroughput / Security / Scalability)
  • LAN / WAN

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) / Disaster Recovery (DR) 
In order to ensure a level of readiness to maintain the continuity of its critical business and services to customers, ZTS has put together a business continuity management framework, which encompasses its key functions, projects and systems.

Zealsoft has made sustained investments in developing and implementing an effective business contingency plan, along with mitigation measures for recovery of IT infrastructure and operations, in the event of a disaster. Along with the preparation of BCP and DR plans, regular disaster recovery trials and mock drills are carried out across all customer projects. Backup copies of essential business data and software are taken regularly & stored offsite.