Today’s manager must be both a leader and a expert communicator. Apart from playing the role of the leader and guide they also don the roles of facilitators, coaches, communicators and team members. Middle management is a critical element of any organization’s structure as they serve as the link between Executives and Frontline Managers. More often than not, organizations have found that a highly skilled, well trained set of managers can help steadily drive the organization towards it objectives, financial and otherwise. 

Our doctor-level experts will leverage the existing strengths of key staff as they catalyze the proactive development of leadership and communication competencies. Zealsoft offers managerial training programs to suit the needs of mangers with different skills and experience at various levels of management. We pride ourselves in customizing our programs to cater to the needs of each of our clients.

Modules Covered for Managerial training

Consulting skillsChange management
Leadership skillsBusiness etiquettes
Skill of conducting effective meetingAssertiveness
AssertivenessPersonality development
Presentation skillsTime management
The wining attitudesPublic speaking
Career planningGeneral etiquettes and personal grooming