With the changing educational trends, versatility in educational courses, availability of masses of qualified personnel, the competition for job acquisition and job sustainability is becoming more and tougher. To get an edge over the competitors, students are left with no choice but to add values to their hard skills with soft skills to exhibit their true potential. Hard skills are academic skills, experience and level of expertise while soft skills are self-developed, interactive, communication, human and transferable skills. Literature suggests that hard skills contribute to only 15% of one’s success while remaining 85% is made by soft skills. 

Most employers these days want to hire, retain and promote persons who are dependable, resourceful, ethical, self directed, having effective communication, willing to work and learn and having positive attitude. With the onset of economic liberalization, the Indian market is also becoming global, so the attributes of soft skills are to be imbibed by Indian youth to show their real potential at intra and international levels.

Understanding the importance of this newly raised important aspect, most of the educational institutions in India have initiated programmers, projects and activities for developing soft skills in their students. A study was undertaken in the most dynamic city of India, The study tries to understand the awareness, need and importance of soft skills in students, type of courses/projects/activities initiated by varied educational institutions at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, their relevance, teaching-learning process, their impact in developing soft skills and benefits to students. 

Zealsoft finds the above study and puts forward the effort in making above initiatives more effective for developing students fully equipped with relevant soft skills. 

Modules Covered for soft skill training

Anger and stress management.Assertiveness.
Consulting skillsChange management
Leadership skills.Business etiquettes
Telephone etiquettesBusiness writings
AssertivenessPublic speaking
Presentation skillsGeneral etiquettes and personal grooming.
Personality developmentAccent neutralization
The wining attitudesTime management
Skill of conducting effective meeting.Career planning.
Resume preparation