ZEALSOFT services covers the entire spectrum of activities involved in taking a product from vision to shipment. Zealsoft services is involved in the full software product development life cycle – beginning with product conceptualization, architecture, design, development and deployment with ongoing support and lead management. Also involved in marketing of other hardware and software products like PC station etc , Vehicle Tracking System developed by other vendors.

Partnered Software Product Development

ZEALSOFT  reinforces your existing software development team by providing development and resource support in software product creation. Our capability extends to helping you set up an engineering unit in any global location of your choice. Our processes, engineering and infrastructure support will be at your disposal to facilitate rapid installation and scaling of operations.

Software Product Development Advantages at ZEALSOFT

  • Cost-effective solutions based on client time-frame
  • An extensive resource pool of high end design, architectural and testing skills 
  • Cost savings on product development life-cycle
  • Practical working contracts ensuring protection of intellectual property and flexible pricing system linked to success rates