Zealsoft Team are exposed to a diverse set of scenarios involving intriguing ideas, challenging new technologies and temperamental clients tend to respond unanimously towards any new challenges. The building blocks of team at ZTS have been cemented by these very forces. Flexible approach with a set of predetermined, quality assured, best practices enables ZTS to deliver.

  • Robust and scalable software applications.
  • Applications necessitating evolving technologies.
  • Up to date status quo of various activities sourced from stringent process initiatives.

We can build, deploy and maintain a variety of scalable technology solutions for a variety of businesses. We develop systems and software that allow your business to be dynamic and flexible in a way that allows you to compete in this highly competitive and high performance businesses world. Software development for your business implements performance and future scalability which will implement a wide degree of competitiveness into your organization and companies’ future growth. We offer Technical Consultants with a wide degree of disciplines to match the needs of your company.


software Technologies , tools and platforms and creates software that solves business challenges.

With the evolution of the company we have learned and developed in multiple spheres. And it is our strong experience of the industry that has brought expertise in various technologies. Our technology consulting includes deep technology expertise and strategic implementations. It is this technology expertise which enables the clients to harvest maximum benefit and enjoy utmost return on the investment. 

Today, we can provide the top notch solutions for Microsoft technologies like .NET, SharePoint Server, Dynamics NAV and Dot Net Nuke and Open Source like Joomla, Sugar CRM, ROR (Ruby on Rails), LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and WISA (Windows, IIS, SQL Server and ASP). We also have our skill set developed for harnessing the technologies like RIA and JAVA.  

We meet the fast paced IT industry and develop with the rising technologies. In addition to this, we have a pool of employees who have know-how in all the technologies; be it latest developed or already acclaimed.

  • .NET
  • JAVA , J2EE
  • WEB Technologies
  • Opensource Technologies
  • Testing
  • Wireless
  • Rich Internet Application
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • ERP Solutions


ZEALSOFT features exclusive web development services in the likes of custom software development, web applications and website design, with a variety of other related development services. We maintain our expertise in state of the art development techniques through constantly learning and educating our engineers. ZEALSOFT incorporates proper requirements documentation to build the foundation of our customers project from the start.

Following are the featured services of ZEALSOFT:

  • Custom Software Development – Unique Software for you business
  • Web Application Development – eCommerce, Enterprise Management – tell us your requirements
  • Embedded Software Development – Hardware/Software Customized Integration
  • Quality Assurance & Control Systems – Ensuring quality and final project requirements
  • Website Design and Development – Corporate websites, web design, templates
  • Project Salvage – Do you need help saving an existing project?

What are you requirements? Allow ZEALSOFT to help you!