Career at ZTS

ZEALSOFT employees work on the latest in software technology and get to pursue excellence in the company of some of the finest technologists in India.

  • We work on cutting edge design, training, development and testing.
  • We also build our own intellectual property assets that our clients license and leverage.
  • We have a shared pool of knowledge and resources that add high value to all employees. 
  • We avoid any process bureaucracies, so our employees can concentrate on the technology work    they enjoy the most. 
  • What sets us apart is the high degree of innovation that underpins our work. We build products, not custom applications. 
  • The high quality work opportunities coupled with a comfortable and encouraging work environment, and the freedom to experiment and innovate, makes ZEALSOFT a distinctly different and enjoyable workplace.
  • We focus on being a ‘technology expert’; working on all emerging and new technologies, sometimes developing prototypes and new product concepts on emerging technology platforms.
  • We design and build component-based and service-oriented architectures (Web Services) that span all leading-edge development platforms, such as J2EE , .Net, ERP , and PHP.

Working at ZTS

Our employees are our biggest asset. They underpin the core of our existence, and we take pride in their proficiency, skills, and achievements. 

We are a team of smart engineers who

  • love to innovate,
  • create and build products in small guerilla teams,
  • manage to convince successful client s on our architectural decisions,
  • live through tough technical challenges, and come out winners,
  • do not accept anything less than success

We look for people who are inspired and passionate about their work, are willing to take the initiative, and work towards achieving organizational goals by team effort. Our interesting technology initiatives stimulate their gray cells, ensuring that they meet all work challenges with sophistication and elegance.

At ZEALSOFT, we have a perfect mix of: Young Software Engineers, Experienced Architects, Reputed Academicians, Able Managers and a Motivating Executive Team that leads by example.

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